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Spider-Man Slot Machine Review

One of the most popular comic book characters that Marvel created it’s Spider-Man, the source of inspiration for lots of movies, cartoons, many other products and of course our slot machine. Playtech used modern graphics and sound that along with the great effects and the comic book theme end up creating an impressive slot machine with five reels and twenty-five paylines.

The thing that make Spider-Man slot machine special is that it has a different structure of bonuses and prizes. I can say that the slot machine comes with many features nicely integrated in the gameplay. Let’s see exactly which these features are.

On the normal gameplay we have two bonuses that can strike at any time. The first of them is the "Spider-Man WILD". When the feature is triggered an animated Spider-Man turns 2,3 or 4 symbols into WILD for the next turn. The second main game feature of the slot machine is called "Spidey Snapshot" and once triggered, Spider-Man drops down and a camera will snap a picture; as a result the player wins a cash prize of 3 to 10 times the bet. These two features can only be triggered during the main game and not simultaneously.

The special bonus of Spider-Man slot machine is called Spider-Man Collection and is triggered by obtaining the hero image on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. On the bonus screen the player has to choose one of the five comics that are shuffling, by using the stop button. Each of the five comics is a special bonus with a unique gameplay. The first of the five features is the Ultimate Fight where Spider-Man and The Goblin have to fight until one loses. City Chase is the second feature where Spider-Man and here the hero swings across the city to hunt The Goblin with the players help. On the next feature of the slot machine, called Hot Zone, the player wins 20 free spins but with a 2x2 special zone that Spider-Man randomly marks. The slot machine forth option is called Rivaling Free Games and here the player wins 10 free spins with 1x multiplier but with the possibility of increasing both. The last of the features is Radioactive Free Games and here the player gets 15 free spins with extra WILD symbols.

In conclusion Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin slot machine is full of action and I believe it can offer a great time to anyone playing it. On our site you have a free version that you can play without registering or downloading.

Play Spider-Man by PlayTech, Free Slot Machine

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